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  • yash

    February 18, 2022 at 11:02 PM

    Yes, it should be banned in all public places. Smoking is not only injurious for smokers but it is also injurious for those who just present there at that moment(known as passive smokers) while smokers smoke. Smoking affects lungs function and in the worst condition, it leads to lungs cancer. For the first time smokers, it provides pleasure to their minds by secreting dopamine( neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure)• Therefore, generally, people get addictied to smoking. People who are either poor or low earner face financial instability in their life.

    Passive smokers are badly affected by other’s smoking. This brings many health issues like cancer, asthma, coughing etc. These health issues make them financially vulnerable and bring them into the trap of poverty. Definitely smoking is a personal choice for an individual. And smokers who smoke in public places can justify their act by giving an argument like it is their fundamental right to freedom of choice. Despite constitution gives them rights, it also places some reasonable restrictions on these rights. We should consider bad aspects of smoking in public places. Therefore we should raise our voice for ban of smoking in public places.

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