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    February 22, 2022 at 12:20 PM

    The map below represents the urbanization of the village of Ryemouth and highlights major development during current scenarios compared to 1995.

    Overall, the population of the locality has increased and modern infrastructures like roads, parking and sports facilities are elevated to overcome general human requirements.

    In the North-Eastern part of the neighbourhood , the countryside experienced massive deforestation resulting in contraction of the forest park into couple of tennis courts while the farmland got extended to occupy a golf course. Below the tennis court, on the eastern part of the region, the hotel land is spread to occupy cark parking facilities for the commuters.

    Apartments are erected near the sea shore on the southern part of the district over previously existing fish market during 1995. The fish trade has been completely abolished as the fishing port is withdrawn from the locality. On the other side of the road, the shops are upgraded to restaurant which suggests the area has observed increased tourism.

    In the western part of village, the road connecting centrally diagonal main road is extended furthermore to adjust housing colonies.

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