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  • Thejas

    February 22, 2022 at 11:40 PM

    The increase in the population has led to a challenge to feed millions of people all over the world. Some group of people argue that this kind of Bio-engineering agriculture product will solve the food crisis. I strongly disagree with the notion of genetically engineered food as it will be an exploitation of natural vitamins as well as for health concerns.

    To begin with, genetically modified foods are the combination of multiple products or inheriting quality of the other food product to increase the quality of existing food for better vitamins as well as nutrition therefore it will ruin the natural health benefit what we were consuming from it. For Instance, a experiment held by Norwegian scientist states that genetically modified foods are unhealthier to the mankind due to antibiotic resistance, toxicity and allergenicity.

    Furthermore, genetically modified agriculture method can be followed across the world therefore if any disease begins to spread due to the food. It will be hard for people to found out easily. For instance, I was staying at a village and there one of the villagers offered me a coconut and it was bio product two hybrid coconut, I assumed that it might have better vitamins but the taste was different and I felt sick after consuming the coconut.

    To conclude, in my opinion feeding genetically food will make people unhealthy and it will destroy the natural breed of a food product as well as threat to the bio-diversity. I believe people should protect the natural products therefore it will safeguard our health in future.

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