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  • Falak

    February 23, 2022 at 12:04 AM

    it has become one of the trend (trends)

    achieving (to shop unnecessary things) something that is really

    some reason(s), with (examples) an example that is based on my experience (from my own experience)

    obviosally (obviously,)

    can relive (release) stress

    more impact(s)

    lead to environmental issue (can degrade environment )

    extremally (extremely)

    Because of citizens buying (because people buy)

    for (to) reduce their stress and then to their own (for their) happiness

    reserch (research)

    evalute (evaluate)

    it doesnot difficult to (It can be easily managed by financially sound people)

    impact on personally (individuals) and society

    Band: 2/6

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