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  • Nancy

    February 25, 2022 at 6:12 PM

    Traffic congestion has become an alarming issue in the metropolitan cities. This essay first describes the main causes of traffic congestion like increasing use of private vehicles as well as poor infrastructure and then provides the vital solutions to overcome the problems like building better roadways, flyovers and also encourage citizens to use public transport.

    As population is increasing day by day, so more demand for automobiles and more private vehicles on roads. People prefer to use their own vehicles to travel around the cities instead of using public transportation because public transport is overcrowded and not well maintained. For instance, in bus depot of Azadpur an urban area in Delhi where there is no proper timing of buses and bus services are also less, so citizens have to wait for hours to reach at their destination. Secondly, there is no well organised roads and roads are often in bad condition. For example, karala, a place in Delhi,where one can find potholes on the road surface. Due to which traffic jam lasts for 4-5 hours. During monsoon season, the situation becomes worsening. Poor infrastructure is the foremost cause for traffic clogging not only in Delhi but in all metropolitan cities.

    On the other hand, proper solutions for these causes would be to construct better roads, flyovers and highways in a well planned manner to avoid traffic jam. During construction process, best quality material should be used so that infrastructure will last long. Secondly, government should encourage citizens to use public transport and also conduct awareness campaigns to make public responsible towards public transport. The government should provide necessary amenities as well as bus services should be more so that people don’t have to wait for longer. For example, Delhi government has started a scheme in which travelling is free for women in buses. The scheme has increased the use of public transport. Such types of schemes should be started by the government so that people will start using public transport instead of private vehicles.

    To conclude, government as well as citizens should be more responsible. Government should be the main facilitator in providing amenities. Government should take proper measures to encourage citizens to use public transport and in avoiding traffic congestion.

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