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    February 27, 2022 at 10:50 PM

    Increasing traffic congestion is a problem faced by all the metro cities. There are several reasons for it. For instance, Increasing number of vehicles , the roads infrastructure, etc.

    According to a recent survey by popular magazine it has found that in today’s era each house has more than one vehicle in their family. With this statement, we can assume the number of private transports are more. Now if everyone in the family uses their private transport to commute as a result it enlarges the road jam. To avoid it people should use one of the two options either they start using public transport or carpool. Both options are pocket-friendly, and the person will be avoiding the hassle of driving on the road. Moreover, it is safe for the public. Example, carpools have Mobile app to book the ride and share location with their dear one. This functionality makes sure their loved one is safe and reached to their destination on time

    Furthermore, many MNC came up with an idea to allow their employees to work from home twice or thrice a week to avoid the bottleneck traffic issue. It avoids the rushing office hours issue as well.

    Another suggestion is to reduce the gridlock, the city should have a better road structure like flyovers, more than one route to reach the destination. If over bridge available, then there will be fewer roadblocks as it helps to avoid the area which is not common to cover. More bicycles path can help to less logjam although it is reduces the air pollution as well. In a few cities, government bus has different lane on road and no other vehicle are allowed on that lane which is helpful for transit. Decided lanes can also be helpful for the existing situation of roads

    In conclusion, to minimize traffic jams public and government needs to work together. More options for the public via new structure and usage of other transportation. Changing the reporting time and shift working hours is also another option to minimize the blockage on road.

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