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  • Sudhakar

    March 2, 2022 at 7:34 AM

    Traffic congestion is one of the major problems people face in everyday life in major cities. This essay will first discuss about the root causes of traffic congestion like, improper planning while establishing the cities/capitals and inefficient use of public transport and then discuss the solutions are construction of better high ways, metros which covers entire city and implementing the different methods of effective use of public transport.

    There are two major root causes for congestion. Firstly, Administrative bodies responsible for designing the cities, are not planning the cities well before and lacking the knowledge of estimating the developments of cities in future. Hence, soon after the cities are established, they are suffering from the congestion issues. For instance, Bangalore city is not planned well before establishing, as there were no metro trains, no bridges to deviate the city traffic in 4-way intersection areas, and no flyovers to deviate the highway traffic from inter city traffic. Secondly, People are using their individual vehicles to commute instead of using public transport. It occupies enormous space in roads, leading to road blockage. For example, in New York city most of the individuals are commuting to their offices using their own vehicles leading to hours of traffic jams.

    The administrative bodies should plan well before designing cities and construct metro trains which can connect all ends of the city and also construct highways. Furthermore, People should start using the public transport or carpooling wherever possible. For instance, Chandigarh is one of the well-planned cities in India, which has proper metro connectivity throughout the city along with best highways to avoid the intersection traffic jams. And also, public transport is well maintained by government which covers most of the areas within the city.

    To conclude, Major cities are suffering from traffic congestion issues caused by improper planning of cities while establishing and not utilizing the public transport effectively, but possible solutions could be to plan the cities well before and people should opt for public transport or carpooling methods.

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