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  • Puneet

    March 2, 2022 at 4:49 PM

    The following diagram depicts the process of producing electricity with the help of waves.

    Overall, the above figure explains the process in two parts where the first one explains generation of electricity when waves move in an upward direction and the other part describes the production of electricity when waves moves in a downward direction.

    In figure A, waves come from downward to upward direction through the chamber. After that these waves go through the column. Then these waves rotates the turbine which is there is the column. In the end, the electricity generates with the movement of the turbine.

    Similarly, In figure B, waves passes through the chamber but in this cases waves come from upward to downward direction. The waves then rotates the turbine which is situated between the columns. Finally, with the help of the movement of the turbine, electricity is generated.

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