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  • Thejas

    March 6, 2022 at 10:45 PM

    Over the period of times, it can be observed that blood sports are always criticized due to inhuman, mistreatment and cruelty shown on animals. I undoubtedly believe that these kind of sports should be treated as illegal and should educate the people more about it therefore we can prevent these kind of activities happening in future.

    To begin with, from the past generation some communities are following blood sport as a symbol of tradition and as a pride. As a illustration in the Southern part of India people are following a festival called Jallikattu were they allow bulls to run in open yard and people try to catch them. As a result many bulls suffer unimaginable pain and people also get hurt by participating in such sport.

    In addition, gambling always been a part of human kind from ages. In the globe there are several places were hunting, bird fight and dog fights are held and by gamblers bidding it encourages the people to continue the sports. For instance in some part of Africa hunting is treated as a interest and people carry weapons to the forest to hunt them by these kind of human act, we are witnessing in decline in the number of animals therefore it’s necessary to the Authorities to take certain action to prevent the animals.

    To conclude, blood sports will be always considered as a inhuman activity and encouraging these kind of sports makes human race uncivilized. These type of sports should be banned and legal action should be taken on those people who influence, participate and conduct these sports.

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