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  • Nancy

    March 7, 2022 at 9:56 AM

    Blood sports have become a part of different cultures but these are showcased in an uncivilised way.People do this for their greed and entertainment purposes. To satisfy themselves, they harm animals during the sports. I strongly believe that these activities should be banned completely. This essay will highlight the points to justify my viewpoint.

    Firstly, from the past generations, blood sports have become a symbol of their traditions. For instance, in the southern part of India, Jallikattu, a traditional bull fighting sport, occurs during Pongal celebration. During this sport, bulls are seriously injured and even people who are involved, they also get injured. Secondly, for these taming activities, animals are put in captivity in barren conditions. These cages harm animals physically as well as mentally. As during Jallikattu, bulls are caged one week before the celebration happens. Bulls get mentally harmed in the cages.

    In the modern world, these traditional blood sports are becoming a mode of profit earning. For example, people fix matches and earn a lot of money from these activities. During the cock fighting in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, people fix the game in advance and after the completion of game, the winner earn more money. People have seen these games as a symbol of pride and to prove their satisfaction, they injure animals and even killed the unfit animals.

    To conclude, these so called traditional sports should be banned because they are not only harm animals but also put our society in the clutches of moneymakers. Government should take serious steps to protect the animals. For instance, government has banned the cockfighting in southern part of India but still common in rural areas. For this government should make people aware about the importance of animals and to take steps to stop these underground activities.

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