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  • Sanju

    March 9, 2022 at 9:32 PM

    Genetically modified foods are considered to be the future of crops to meet the consumption rate of ever-increasing population. I strongly advocate in favor of this due to innumerous advantages they offer such as less land requirement and resistant to pests. Let us further analyze why GM food would be an optimal solution.

    To begin with, genetically engineered food plants need less land compared to normal crop plant. As these plants or seeds are modified from their very core, they have capacity to yield more food in single plant compared to normal crop plant. For example, a normal tomato plant produces around 200 tomatoes in one season while genetically modifies plant produces around 350 which is almost twice. Hence, same land can now give more output because of genetic engineering.

    Moreover, genetically engineered plants have better resistant to pests. One of the major concerns of people is that the food they intake have been exposed to pesticides which make their consumption harmful for health, diseases such as allergies, cancer are some of the common examples, but due to modification in genes of these plants this problem can be eliminated to a great extent. Studies suggest farmers using gm seeds use less chemicals in fields. Therefore, bio engineered plants are healthier option.

    In conclusion, I believe genetically modified food eliminates the issue of feeding growing population as they yield more and are healthier than normal food plants. Government should spend more on the research and efficient usage of this technology for better future.

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