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  • Swarnika

    March 10, 2022 at 9:54 PM

    Teaching system has been drastically changed over the years. Some people argue that rewarding pupil is important to stimulate their mental growth, while others beleive that penalizing them plays an important role. I agree with the notion that appreciating the young ones plays a critical role in their overall development.

    Firstly, teachers now a days believe that bestowing students will not only boost their self-esteem, but will increase their motivation as well. I can recall of one memory, where my nephew never used to like homeworks, and then we started sending him to a home tutor, who used to bestow him for everu good deed and homework he does. Since then we saw a significant change in his behavior. Not only he was motivated to complete the homework but also it cultivated a good manners in him.

    Secondly, I personally feel, children are like clay, they just take the shape, the way they are moulded, and teachers are the potters. If students perform well and they get rewarded, and every success story helps them become more confident in presenting their ideas in front of a crowd. It not only stimulates learning, but also they will not feel shy to present their ideas in front of people. However, in contrast to that sometimes its also important to correct the notrious ones, in such a way that they realise their mistakes and get motivated to work for good.

    To conclude that, I would like to state that, I agree with the idea that nowadays it is a healthy approach to reward the students when they do the good deed and correct them in a way that they realise their mistakes and get motivated to work towards the same.

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