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  • Pallavi

    March 13, 2022 at 2:23 PM

    Once upon a time a man lived with his family in a village. he had a very beautiful wife & a very pretty daughter, they were very a happy family. they lived in a very beautiful village. There was a river near his house, his wife & daughter always used to go there with their friends. they had very good neighbors and they lived very happily together. they celebrated all happy moments together. They were all very helpful, if anyone had any problems the others would help them. one day a man was sitting with his daughter and all of sudden he felt every thing started moving, on the table glasses were also shaking. he realized it was earthquake. he asked his daughter where is her mother since she was not at home. The daughter told her father that mother went to river side. both were so scared. they were asking everyone if they saw her. one woman told them I saw her she was going towards river. after a few days they could not find her and everyone said she drowned in the river. father or daughter lived very sadly and did not want to meet anyone. The daughter also wanted to live alone, always staying at home & crying so much. one day her mother came back, all of sudden father & daughter saw her, both are very happy and hugged her, and danced together. they thought she had died, they felt like they had won something, after that they happily lived together.

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