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  • yashi

    March 14, 2022 at 12:22 PM

    The family men. Once there was a farmer who’s name was Raja. Videos family in his hometown.(village)

    He had two children daughter and son and a wife and she is very beautiful women.

    That place was very beautiful full of nature like a river mountains tree and a beautiful birds are there he had a dog also in his village there are 150 houses. Raja was very humble and innocent man his house was just near by the river.

    Once they all villagers were celebrating a party .all were dancing all faces were full of smile all had a glass of drinks and snacks for their all childrens were enjoying a lot . but suddenly something was happened it was earthquake and the happiness is converted into sadness many people were died and so many were injured so many people lost their loved ones. Raja daughter was missing at the place where he was all were are there but his daughter is not there .he was going to find his daughter everywhere. lastly he got his daughter. his daughter was standing under the tree lonely and crying a lot .when he saw his daughter he also tried and lastly he got his daughter and he felt like he won from the earthquake ..

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