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  • Deepak

    March 15, 2022 at 6:56 PM

    “The Happy Soul”

    Once upon a time, there was a house of a very happy woman in a village named Shivapur. She was living happily in her house. She was living alone there so many times she was feeling lonely at her place. She was having only one hobby of dancing. She was very happy with her life just because of the presence of this art in her life. She had won many prizes in dancing as she was having mastery in it.

    She always wanted to do something different in her dancing. So, one day, she decided to dance in a Boat. There was one river in her village so she went there. She was fully prepared. She was nicely dressed. She wore a black glass which was making her more beautiful. Finally, she entered into a boat for dancing. She was dancing like a gem and was totally lost into the dancing.

    Suddenly, heavy rain started along thunderstorms. There were some signs of earthquake as well. The water from the river was taking disastrous form. But this dancing woman never stopped dancing as she was totally lost into it. Nobody was there to stop her and even this tragedy was not affecting her passion.

    Unfortunately, the waves of the water started destroying the boat and finally the boat started to drown into the river. But the woman in that Boat was still smiling. She knew it that she is going to die within a minute or two but there was not any fear on her face. She decided to go to heaven with happy smiling face rather than having any regrets about the life.

    Rest in Peace Happy Soul…!!

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