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  • Srikar Reddy

    March 21, 2022 at 4:24 PM

    These days,open office designs are being used more than closed-door styles.There are both merits and demerits of this change.In my opinion, the advantages of having broad single open hall for a job outweigh its disadvantages.

    There are a number of benefits of a large open office hall which includes the motivation of work and monitoring.An open space where all staff do their job together under one roof creates an atmosphere of mutual working.For example,most Wall Street offices are designed under a single open-hall theory, where all employees sit together.This has improved efficency of work as workers are able to communicate during the job and able to adopt a working atmosphere of the whole room.Furthermore,it is easy for employers to monitor the quality of performance in an open space design.Because it gives a wide view and few cameras to keep an eye on employees.

    Moreover,open styles are cost effective.In contrast,separate rooms are costly in terms of money and time. Because it takes longer to build individual rooms in a building.Also,installations of different equipment and facilities in an open design are esay.To illustrate this,fewer air-cons and internet modems are sufficient for a single open room but in case of an office that has an lot of rooms are required for each room to have an air-con and internet facility. There is no doubt that all these merits stand in good stead as long as a building’s cost matters.

    In conclusion,open designs for offices are far better than different rooms n an office because of surveillance and cost.It also provides a working condition within a building when all personnel are working under the same roof together. In my opinion, there are more benefits of open space building.

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