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  • sharukh

    March 22, 2022 at 6:11 PM

    Traffic is a everyday visual witnessed by people living in almost all cities. traffic jam is very familiar problem confronted by millions of people while travelling. personal vehicles and road traffic management are major contributors to everyday traffic difficulties. this essay will discuss the causes and will provide a logical solution.

    There are many factors influencing traffic congestion. however, personal vehicles and road transport management play pivotal role in influencing traffic jam. mode of transport preferred by people changes with their financial level and need of the hour. generally most people depend on personal vehicles like own cars and bikes. Therefore, it adds more vehicles on road leading to traffic congestion. In comparision, i believe if people relied more on public transport and resorted to car pooling, traffic hurdles will subside in very less time.

    Traffic management by government authorities have different approach in each state of the same country. In most cases traffic jam occurred due to terrible management of traffic by state government authorities. In addition, unsual road constructions and lack of strict rules and regulation provide to traffic congestion. Personally i witnesses bangalore and kolkata traffic management. For instance, bangalore has india’s worst traffic jams all year and it can be attributed to bad traffic administration of state. On the other hand, kolkata has more population and the short traffic signal intervals makes the city observe less traffic jams.

    In conclusion, traffic congestion is a time consuming problem in our daily commute. however it can be avoided by using public transport, travelling together in single vehicle with colleagues and introduction of stricter laws and regualtion for transport by authorities.

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