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    March 23, 2022 at 12:18 PM

    The table illustrate the distribution of world population in the year 1950 and 2000, with a approximation of the situation in 2050.

    It is clear from the above world population table that the distribution is risen from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6 billion in 2000 and a estimation of 9 billion in 2050.

    it is seen from the region table of distributed world population that Africa is the only region which has increased gradually from 9% in 1950 to 13% in 2000 and will rise up till 20% in 2050. Oceania is the region with lowest distribution of less than 1% and equal to 1% . Europe and North America are decreasing gradually with 22% to 12% and till 7% , whereas 7% to 5% till 4% in years 1950, 2000 and 2050 respectively. Latina America was 6% at first in 1950 and was constant with 9% in both the years follow on. Asia has the highest compared to any year of any region with 56% in 1950, 60% in 2000 and it decreased a bit down till 59% in 2050, but it is still the top estimate compared to other regions.

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