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  • Nihar

    March 23, 2022 at 2:03 PM

    The line graph illustrates the amount of Goods transported in the UK from the year 1974-2002, using different transportation methods road, water, rail and pipeline.

    Overall, Since 1974 road is used to transport most amount of goods and pipeline is used as the least common way to transport the goods over the entire period. There were some slight fluctuations, transportation by road, water, pipeline showed gradual increase while transportation by rail showed gradual decrease.

    In 1974 the amount of goods transported by road was 70 million tonnes and it steadily increased to 95 million tonnes by the year 2002. whereas, for pipeline the goods transported in the year 1974 was around 5 million tonnes and it showed an uptrend until 1982 and it become steady till 1994. There was marginal decline after 1994 and transported around 20 million tonnes of goods till 2002.

    For rail and pipeline both started transporting 40 million goods in the year 1974.Water showed an uptrend while rail showed a downtrend till 1997 it was transporting around 35 million tonnes of goods which increased to 40 million tonnes by the year 2002, while water showed a fluctuation in the year 1998 but showed an uptrend in the year 2002 , it was transporting close to 65 million tonnes.

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