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  • Sudhakar

    March 24, 2022 at 9:05 AM

    Although Internet has simplified the way humans live, it has also introduced dangerous problems which were not existed before. The major problems are breach of privacy and access to obscenic content to children, however by following strategies like checking the authenticity of websites before sharing the sensitive information and government enforcing the vigilant rules to ban or restrict vulnerable websites.

    The major problem with the internet and the way we share the information globally is breach of privacy and it is one of the global concerns aswell. The leading technology companies worldwide are holding the crucial information about its users and it is being used to track their online activity, to identify their requirements to target the advertisements and influencing their political and regional believes. For instance, in 2017 US elections tech giant facebook has been alleged that it has influenced huge user base to vote for Donald trumph by persuading their political believes.Furthermore internet has paved the way for another crucial problem like provided the access to obscenic content to children.Now with limited control and no strict rules on adult websites, it has become easy for children to gain access to pornogrphaic and violent content, which impacts their physical and mental health.

    However,by following certain policies these problems can be resolved.Firstly, to resolve the breach of privacy, one must be carefull all the time while sharing any sensitive information on internet and should check the authenticity of a website.Secondly, to avoid access to indecency content to children, parents should monitor their online activity by installing specific softwares and also should put a parental control.Governmet also should come forward to block the dangerous websites.

    To conclude, internet has brought severe problems along with its great impact on human life. Breach of Privacy and easy access to obscenic content to children are major problems, however properly monitoring the authenticity of websites before sharing information and enforcement of vigilant rules to ban the websites with inappropriate content by government will resolve these issues.

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