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  • Emil

    March 24, 2022 at 12:28 PM

    The line graph illustrates the quantities of goods that were transported in the UK by different modes of transport from 1974 to 2002.

    Overall, the highest quantities of goods were transported by road and the least being transported by pipeline . In spite of some fluctuations, the transportation by road, water, and pipeline saw some progress while no such progress was seen in the case of transportation by rail.

    There was a significant increase in the quantities of goods being transported by road from 1974 to 2002. About 70 million tonnes of goods were being transported in the year 1974 whereas in 2002 it was close to 100 million.

    From 1974 to 1978 the quantities of goods transported by water and rail was 40 million tonnes. However, from 1982 to 2002 transportation by water saw a steady growth, whereas transportation by rail saw a significant dip from 1982 to 1998 before reaching it’s original position in 2002

    The least used mode of transport was the pipeline which pretty much explains why it was off to a slow start in 1974. However, from 1978 to 2002 a significant growth was seen in the quantities of goods being transported by pipeline. Keeping aside the quantity, this growth is comparatively better than the “no progress” seen in the rail.

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