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  • Krithiga

    March 28, 2022 at 1:45 AM

    Nowadays, Internet has a major role to play in everyone’s daily lives. Although, it has led to radical changes in the way people consume and share information, it has also paved way to serious problems which never existed earlier. This essay will outline the problems associated with internet and suggest ideas to overcome those issues.

    One of the main problems caused by the internet is cyber crime. For example, online banking transactions or online services provide a high risk of stealing the confidential information such as credit card information and personal details leading to hefty financial losses and privacy. Furthermore, it aggravates the problems leading to bankruptcy if proper actions are not taken at appropriate time. Another annoying problem is easy accessibility to obscene or pornographic images where adolescents are getting affected with their personal lives. A recent example of a teenager in California who was a brilliant student in academics became mentally ill of watching obscene movies for past few days along with his friends. Students are getting addicted to such websites which distracts them from concentrating on their studies.

    However, there are solutions to alleviate these problems. To address cybercrime, rigorous government regulations on a global scale are needed. Also, cooperation is required amongst law enforcement agencies around the world to track down and apprehend these criminals who operate across multiple borders. Dealing with pornographic websites has to be handled by intertwined collaboration between parents and schools, as people most addicted to these websites are teenagers. Teens should be educated to realize the implications of Internet addictions along with letting them know the impact of consequences of such websites on their career growth and they also should be encouraged to engage in outdoor activities.

    In conclusion, the main problems caused by the Internet are related to crime and addiction. To solve these parents, teachers and governments should enforce certain rules and regulations in their respective areas to eradicate issues stemming out of Internet. By addressing these issues, people can harness the Internet’s unlimited potential and steer clear of its adverse impacts.

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