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  • Falak

    March 29, 2022 at 8:50 AM

    financial literacy is the ( avoid “the” here) essential for each individual’s life

    I will discuss the advantages of the money management in the following paragraphs. ( I will discuss how money management as a subject can help students to understand the…..)

    Money management is something which not everyone gets to understand easily (;) however (,) if we start teaching

    If the young generation starts savings at the early stage (,) they can create wealth over a period with the compounding of their savings

    Mr. Warren Buffet that “if you buy the things you don’t need today; you have to sale the things you need tomorrow”. – avoid such quotes as these are learned ones, you need to present ideas in own words.

    If the student’s start’s (starts) saving from early

    feedback : Mostly conditional sentences have been used (almost everywhere) , try to use other structures as well. Be cautious with punctuation marks.

    Keep writing!!

    Band: 3/6

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