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  • Maithili

    March 30, 2022 at 6:04 PM

    Undoubtedly, the demand for food has increased worldwide especially in developing countries like India, China , Nepal. This is due to growth in population as well as wastage of food. The International community must take proper measures so that demand of food can be decreased to an extent.

    The main reason why the demand for food has increased is because of growing population. The food which is supplied by the government is not enough to satisfy the need of population. Apart from Growth in population and wastage of food the other factors which are responsible for rise in food demand include Urbanization and Climate change. Urbanization has lead to decrease in lands for agriculture and Climate Changes causes death of crops due to poor soil quality.

    There are various techniques that international community can use improve this condition. This can be done by educating people in rural areas by conducting Awareness Programs and having self-awareness. Convincing public not to waste food in home as well as in restaurants and complete the food on plate first. Importing food products from other countries to avoid shortage of food and farming more on existing land.

    In conclusion, the increase in demand of food is due to Growing population, Wastage of food , Urbanization and Climatic changes. These problems can solved by avoiding wastage of food and having self-awareness.

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