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  • Aanchal

    March 30, 2022 at 7:43 PM

    Shopping has become a source of entertainment for people all over the globe. It has originated since the rise of youtube. There are many people who find shopping to be thrilling and therapeutic whereas others find it wastage of money. In my opinion, shopping should be done mindfully and there should be balance between pleasure and budget.

    On one hand, there are certain set of people who buy items or objects entirely for a sense of joy and to please themselves. Buying commodities of any kind releases endorphins which are, happy hormones in them. It’s said that nowadays lot of people are buying to release their stress as a result it improves their mental health for a time being. Ever since the rise of online shopping and youtube lot individuals are buying for experimental purposes, for instance, designing their room, styling their clothes etc, all these activities has become their hobby or means of entertainment.

    On the other hand, there are people who consider shopping as hoarding or waste of money. This set of population strongly believe buying those products which aren’t required are wants than needs. They buy items out of impulsivity or temporary happiness. For example, during stressful situations to avoid pain or grief we find ways to overcome them as a result buying or shopping becomes their source of escape.

    In conclusion, doing shopping for their source of entertainment or to feel good is great but to some extent. It shouldn’t reach to a point where you are buying mindlessly.

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