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  • Megha

    March 30, 2022 at 7:50 PM

    While some people argue that it is the sole responsibility of the producers to decrease the product packaging,others feel that customers should also be incharge of dealing with reducing purchase of goods with excess packaging.This essay will analyse both sides of the argument.

    On one hand,companies can play an inevitable role to limit the amount of packaging that they package their products in. One reason for this is because they are at the forefront of the production process.To reduce the production of packaging, companies can make its products into bigger packs. As a result, company is able to reduce cost of production production cost and earn more profit by marketing larger products. Being product distributors, supermarkets are also overusing plastic bags. However, this can be reduced by applying the rules set by the government, which is implementing a fee for plastic bag and using eco -friendly substitutes.

    On the other hand,individual customers cannot escape from the responsibility.The consumers are those entities who demand products and the manufacturers are always interested to tune the size,shape,colour,packaging of the products based on the whims and fancies of the customers.Thus being a responsible citizen and keeping in mind the concept of environmental protection,individuals can start demanding these changes in the market.

    In conclusion, companies and individuals both need to take responsibility for the amount of packaging that is used to package goods.The government also needs to play a significant role in this issue by policy making and enforcement of those laws into practice.

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