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  • Swarnika

    March 31, 2022 at 10:54 AM

    While some people think its the the responsibility of Manufacturers & Supermarkets to reduce the plastic packaging, while others believe that its every individuals duty to protect environment, curbing the goods with more packaging as much as possible. My opinion personally is, Consumers are more obligated for the same.

    Firstly, I feel its every persons responsibility to take a step towards avoiding to buy products with more plastic packaging, For an instance, we can consider packet of biscuits (Parle – G), where in a family pack, you will biscuits packed in separate plastic packets. Consumers buy that because they cannot consume the whole packet in one go, and the plastic wrap saves the eatables to decompose. However, I feel that can be avoided, by buying goods in a quantity as per the need, abstain buying eatable in large quantities.

    Secondly, the consumers have developed a habit of not carrying their own bag while going on a shopping, and to value serve them well, stores started providing them a lot of plastic bags to facilitate the delivery. If consumers increase the demand of something, companies or supermarkets will to go to any extent to fulfil that demand, as they generate profit out of it, so its their duty, as a responsible citizen to protect environment and become little aware about these small things to make a big impact.

    The companies I feel are taking necessary measure to avoid plastic packaging as much as possible under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We can consider the example of mobile manufacturing companies, like Apple or Samsung, nowadays you might have seen the packaging of every mobile is only as big as the mobile fits, and they are not only focusing on reducing the packaging but also trying to the material which eco friendly.

    To conclude that, I would like to state, to stop producers & suppliers using the plastic packaging, consumer needs to stop demanding for the same. If the demand of products with more packaging will reduce, the manufacturers will give that a thought.

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