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  • Revathi

    March 31, 2022 at 7:34 PM

    My opinion is Most of the people change his behavior’s with fear of punishment than having punishment. for our every mistake have a punishment either it is execution, fine, penalty, hanging, imprisonment, cousiling to punisher or realization (the true punishment for punisher is the realization they carry that load life long)

    Suppose the topic between the student and teacher…. Student submits their projects on time, if they don’t submit on time the teacher may not be give grade or promoted to another section. So that is in the fear of punishment to student from teacher.

    Suppose the topic between the parent and child….i hope everyone has been facing this situation either parent or child. Child doesn’t want to do homework…. Parent offers or orders to children, children with the offers or with the order (that is fear of punishment or expectation) they do their works on time.

    Worker does their job on time with the fear of punishment from boss, may be boss never give increment.

    Prisoner in jail followed by guards and police commands due to fear of punishment,if they don’t obey them they loss of chance to release from jail…

    Sevant and owner if servant may not be do their duties,owner remove them so this this the fear of punishment.

    Slaves, people in the kingdom are under the fear of punishment from king.

    SO WE ALL UNDER THE YHE FEAR OF PUNISHMENT IN EVERY SECTOR OR ZONE. most of the people are faced this situation in our daily life but we never agree it…. If you recheck one of your day you can understand it easily…. May be it is good for us we never disobey the rules because of fear of punishment that’s all.

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