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  • Pragyaa

    April 3, 2022 at 11:30 AM

    In today’s world advertisement have become a part of our daily life. Many of the opportunities to make money is throw advertisement, lots of people have work on it. But in my opinion the most of the act just like a gimmick. Advertisement have lots of Jingle, slogan that have touch our brain our heart. Jingles and slogan or always play with your emotions and attraction of rhythm. They force you to think about them and sometime your favourite actor actress play the role of on advertisement it’s not mean that the product work well, and this product is superior .

    What I think it is just a simple meaning this product company have a lots of money hv bigger budget than others , so that they had the best actor and actress , who only play the role and only try to create a gimmick everyday,

    Example:- I will share one example as we see in *Mountain DEW* add ” *Hrithik*Roshan* drink Dew and jumped on the fire and he say *dar ke aage Jeet hai*

    but what was the reality it is really possible on realities ?

    As I think it’s not possible it is only gimmick,.

    What is your opinion?

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