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  • Dhiraj

    April 8, 2022 at 9:31 AM

    The Bar chart above is illustrating the amount spent in Millions of Ponds on the Fast food consumption in the United Kingdom, there has been data provided for three income groups that is High Income, Average Income and Lower Income; the fast food items which are taken for comparison are Hamburger, Fish and Chips and Lastly Pizza.

    Overall, the hamburger consumption is much higher for the High Income group compare to the Average and Lower Income group; High Income group spend almost triple of the amount they spend on Fish and Chips or Pizza.

    With regards to the fish and chips the consumption of it is more in the average income group compare to the other two income class, the consumption is average income group is 25%, whereas, Higher and Lower income groups are contributing there 16% and 17% of their spending on the fish and chips.

    However, Pizza is not having that much importance in the lower and average income group compare to the other two junk foods; as we can see the that lower class spends only 7% of their total expenditure where as higher income group spend nearly three times at 19% on the Pizzas.

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