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  • Ohmkar

    April 8, 2022 at 10:55 AM

    Dear Dev,

    i am Omkar your childhood friend writing this letter to seek help from you on developing a online E-commerce website for children . There is large space in the market to do business in large scale on baby care . I personally made a survey on malnutrition and have collected blood samples from various rural hospitals and got amazed on statistics death rate children at infancy age. The best approach to set up a start up business is to provide a solution to social problems and challenges .Government bodies are providing various tax benefits and grievances on primary health care products

    You know children of this country particularly at infant age are not having proper nutrition and there is death troll in rural areas at this age . I am hearing This problem exist in this country since last 50 years due to lack of attention on poverty by the government .

    I would like to get suggestions from you particularly on intricacies with Front end tools like HTML how to load images of malnutrition child with a blog providing with display of various products like jhonson baby products like napkin , baby soap, cerelac, diary products etc . As you are involved in software project based on health care, i want to receive best tools from you for better representation of this website with buttons ,icons, labels . Please provide hyperlinks for digital marketing on facebook and instagram along with price tags with discounts and offers in various languages in different pages and there should be provision of digital payment methods .

    I hope you receive it positively and help me to launch website fruitfully with no errors and omissions on marketing options.

    Yours lovingly,


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