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  • prashanth

    April 8, 2022 at 1:18 PM

    Most organizations and firms request their employees to wear a uniform, while it may be tedious to wear a single uniform. In this essay I will discuss both the positives and negatives of this.

    On the one hand, there will be sense of unity and all of them represent one company which boosts moral values of employees to work in harmony. However, there will less competition between workers to show case their style and most expensive outfits which can distract from work instead, they can focus on productivity which will benefit organization besides, they can reap bonuses from profits of companies.

    On the other hand, employees can feel monotonous which can affect their work efficiency. Although companies provide uniform, they deduct the amount from salary which is a turndown in my opinion. Unfortunately, they deliver 2 uniforms per year, but an employee working in a plant dress code is must and should as it is associated with safety so, it is quite difficult to maintain them. Additionally, there will be quality and size related issues as they stitch from universal dimensions. To illustrate, in Covid times companies issued cloth masks and forced employees to wear those face masks to offices which are unable to hinder entering of viruses.

    To conclude, there are fair share of advantages and disadvantages, I feel company policy with uniform is optimal for employees as it increases productivity.

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