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  • prashanth

    April 10, 2022 at 10:57 PM

    Dear John,

    In view of Covid pandemic situation in our state. Due to strict measures people were wary about purchasing groceries from local stores, so I would like you to build a website for me, which would be beneficial for public who cannot come out to purchase basic items besides, I am in discussion with app building team.

    Firstly, when they enter our website there needs to be list of vegetables with photos. However, I would like you to add information in local language also for their better understanding not only, but also mention items were not touched by hands while packing and delivered safely with all Covid protocols. Moreover, I want a delivery slot timing for consumers to change delivery as per their convenience.

    In this process you can use some images of how we follow all safety measures. For instance, you can refer Amazon site for greater consideration. I look forward for your reply.

    Thanks in advance for your support,

    Best regards,

    Prashanth Kadali.

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