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  • Koppolu Preethi

    April 12, 2022 at 9:26 PM

    International aid is a transfer of goods or services from one country to another. Most of the people think that Country should not spend money on International aid, because there are homelessness and disadvantaged people in their own country but I ,absolutely believe that every government must help other countries who are in need of resources due to their poor economical status or whatsoever reasons. In upcoming paragraphs I shall explain why countries should help or spend money on International aid.

    To begin with ,International aid can bring a numerous benefits. Nowadays many countries like United States and India are spending more money on this. It is because every country will have some difficult moments , like affected due to natural disasters, war or extremely serious accidents. These problems will cost a numerous amount of loss like resources shortage or money which may be not affordable. If we help them with the required resources and money, the country would break through the hard times and can sustain back.

    International aid not only contributes on resources, money and food , it also provide military/army assistance during war or serious accidents caused by natural disasters.

    Further ,the receiving country will remember the kind of support they got and in turn, they will maintain good relation ship and provides assistance during hard times.This will enhances country-to-country relationships, economic standards between them.Although there are some homeless and unemployed who need money or support by local government ,we still should carry out international aid because it can contribute to the improvement of local economy in trade marketing and thus improving our country’s economy. When economy become better and better, there would be more job opportunities to offer to the local people, therefore, the unemployed would in turn gain a job and the homelessness would vanish one day.

    To sum up, I believe that all countries should help by providing international aid after looking at numerous benefits even if they themselves have difficulties with unemployment and homelessness.

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