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  • kunsoth

    April 13, 2022 at 2:52 PM

    At present days, study in abroad has become a trend. Because, parents are highly encouraged to send their children to higher study to any reputed institute by which they gain international exposure and confidence. But the disadvantage of this fact is that such trips are very expensive and also can cause of a security threat.

    Going abroad for educational purpose has lots of advantages. By doing this the young generation can meet with new peoples and new culture. they can learn to survive in such kind of difficult situation where things are not available now and then. It enhances their confidence. Meeting new people, they can get more friends and know new people as well as it grows their communication skills. when someone is about to fall in any danger or any critical situation they learn to handle this. This makes them to become an innovator. Also student who has a degree from any reputed international university can get a good job easily. That is the main reason that encourage students along with their parents to pursue higher study in foreign countries.

    on the other hand , study in abroad sometimes is very expensive to bear for any parents. many parents forced to take a loan for going their children to any university in overseas. In other word, some student cannot handle the foreign issues.

    Sometimes an overseas school trip for children is often causing a security threat. The student often got engaged with the crime. The important thing is, many students are highly encouraged to stay over there forever and never come back to their homeland. For example, in Bangladesh , every year there are many university’s students who go to abroad for higher study and never come back. This is a global lose for any country.

    To conclude, I will say that there are lost of advantages to study abroad, but after completing study students should have to come back to their own country and apply all methodologies these they learn from abroad to grow their own country’s status.

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