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    April 14, 2022 at 9:02 PM

    Nowadays, due to advance development of technologies and innovation we can communicate via different messaging platforms like WhatsApp, FB Messenger and so on.Since, the conversation through this platform are mostly colloquial, it has shorten up our communication.While, some people think these online connective applications have spoiled the grammar and spelling of the language. Even though its quite true to some extend but I totally disagree with this because these platforms have improved our connectivity and reduces the time of formal messaging.In the follow paragraphs, we shall discuss on how these platforms helps us in day to day life.

    To begin with, these modern medium of communications is helping us in reaching out to anyone in and around the glob instanctly and also it gives us the freedom of shorten up the message and also saves time in concentrating more on the topic instead of the language and grammar accuracy.In fact, this medium is influencing lot of non native speakers to communicating in their unfamiliar languages more comfortably and helps them in understanding the medium even better.For Example, recent times students who are learning new languages are communicating with their mentors and others using these online texting tools, this help them in gaining confidence and also improves in understanding the language even further.

    However, there are some draw backs in using these texting platform which one or the other ways has some effect on formal communication. But these are subjective to the individuals, while on the broader scale these platforms helps everyone to interact instantly and complete removes the barriers of communication;Therefore, these advance medium of texting helps us to interact with everyone in more simple and elegant way.For Example, People suffering from medical condition can communicate with doctors instantly to get quick remedies and solutions for the problem.

    In summary, these new way of texting is a boon to the 21st century irrespective of some draw backs it has.Hence, these platform helps us in improving our communication and saves signification amount of time on daily basis

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