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  • Falak

    April 16, 2022 at 10:56 AM
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    Because,( comma is not required here) parents are highly encouraged to send their children to higher study to any reputed institute (,) (by which they gain international exposure and confidence. – the sentence is not justifying the usage of “because”)

    Because parents want their children to gain international exposure and confidence, they are highly encouraged to send them to o any reputed universities across the globe) – suggested structure.

    new peoples (people)

    That is the main reason (these are the main reasons)

    for going (sending)their children t

    university’s students (university student)

    continuous use of short sentences particularly in B.P 1 and B.P 2., proof- reading is must to avoid silly errors. Work on sentence range.

    Band: 2.5/6

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