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  • harshavarma

    April 16, 2022 at 11:34 AM

    Even though many people read the news on the internet, newspapers are the prime source for most of them. It is agreed that we gain a lot of information by reading newspapers. This essay first explains about what makes newspapers the major resource, followed by comparison with the news on the internet and finally conclusion.

    Newspapers reach each and every corner of the world. The content provided in the newspapers is properly structured among different sections like politics, jobs, sports, business and movies. They are easily accessible for the people among all age groups. For example, an old age person or a small kid who don’t know how to use internet, can easily grab the information just by reading the newspaper.

    Information provided in online is segregated and it is difficult to find proper data. For single news, there are many resources available and few assets may provide fake information. When it comes to newspaper we will have all the information in hand, we can gather the information that is required for us. For instance, a person who wants to start a business, he can easily fetch the content needed from the business section. Although internet has huge information but one has to put more efforts to gather it.

    In conclusion, newspaper contains vast info than the news on internet. In order to get proper, original and well organized information it is recommended to read newspapers.

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