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  • Shubhangi

    April 21, 2022 at 3:05 AM

    It is common in the young generation to leave their village house for educational and job purpose to achieve their goalin their selective categaries. This describe the reasons behind leaving and then will out the comparison between its merits and demerits.

    To begin with, there are plenty reason why young people shifting towords city, one of the reason is grab quality of education becouse in rural areas educational system is lack in quality in every aspect like schools and colleges have limited source of instruments specially in practical subjects. For example science related fields need more tools and practical machineries but in rural area this needs are not fullfill, also some lecturer have limited qualification and that affect bright students. Such educational buildings also provide specific fields but after drastic changes in learning skills youngsters desire to explore different courses and achiev thier dream jobs. In case of job villages have mainly small skale industrise that gives very few employment to native people and that is not satisfied for young pupil. Therefor, young people leaving their homes and moving to metro cities.

    Furthermore, the diadvantages are more than advantages of this migration , young people temted towords standard of living in urban area but it creates caous in many ways. City are getting more crowded than before, its not easy not to manage such huge crowd it may creat more difficulties in future. Currently people are facing traffic polution, lack of natural reasurces like water supply becouse it is very hard to supply on time. Somehow it incresing competition in job market and that leads to do anykind of work in small amount of salary, this also couse to inflation rates , demands are increasing and supply is limited, property rates are getting high in todays date. This contrast the situation in villages abandon, they are facing many problems during this migration.

    In conclusion, as youth has different mindset to move city in search job and good quality education . But there are a number of negative sides more than the positive sides. Hence, in my opinion, people should creat more employment in villages and government should improve schools and colleges and aslo provide basic needs to needy people to reduce bad effects from this movement.

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