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  • harshavarma

    April 22, 2022 at 7:43 PM

    Few people believe that competitiveness among kids should be promoted while others feel that youngsters should coordinate with each other to become a successful person. It is agreed that collaboration is more important which creates positivity among children. This essay firstly discuss about benefits of collaboration, followed by the impact due to competition and finally the conclusion.

    Collaboration among students creates an optimized environment because they can get a lot of ideas from others. Co-operating with each other makes easier for them to learn new things quickly. For example, if a child knows only few things about a particular topic they can easily learn few more things from their peer. Teamwork completes a task faster and gives the best output.

    Competition contributes more to the self improvement of the individual and increases negativity in the younger generation. Here the people with more confidence are able to move faster than the people with low self esteem. Competitiveness leads to fear, stress, anxiety and communication gap among children. In this kind of environment they won’t be able to expand their network.

    In conclusion, collaboration is far better than the competition. In order to have a useful and growing career, it is recommended to encourage collaboration among children.

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