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  • anagha

    April 25, 2022 at 1:11 PM

    Many more people prefer to drive private vehicles. This caused traffic congestion all over the world. This issue will be discussed in this essay along with possible solutions. That may be implemented to alleviate this problem.

    To begin with, one of the main reason with this traffic blockage is urbanization. Firstly, people moved from countryside to cities for better job opportunity and better life, so cities population are increasing day by day. people who works in cities are prefer to travel by their own vehicles instead of public transport. Additionally, they commute to their offices during peak hours each day. This could lead to traffic congestion. Secondly, another cause of traffic jam is poor construction of roads, improper design of infrastructure, broken traffic lights. because of that people usually take longer time to travel short distance. This all could creates traffic roadblock.

    Even though, there are some steps can be taken to tackle this complication. More importantly, companies or industries should open their branches in to village side. so people no need to shift from hometown to cities. decentralization should take place. this could helps to prevent traffic jam. Also Government needs to create some basic rules and regulations that can strictly follow by citizens. this will also reduced traffic congestion. they should also maintain gridlock lights and separate lane for two wheelers and pedestrian to avoid traffic jam. moreover, reconstruct roads and use good quality of materials to built the roads, fixed the broken lights so people can easily travel to their destination within time.

    To conclude, traffic jam becomes problem in metropolitan cities but if we take some measures to reduce this problem, this complication would be solved.

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