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    April 26, 2022 at 8:53 AM

    Nowadays, traffic jam has become a major concern in many big cities across the globe. This essay will first discuss the reasons behind this problem that are use of more personal vehicles and poor traffic management and then suggest possible measures such as use of public transport and proper strategic management which can be implemented to handle the situation.

    One of the major reasons is that the ownership of private vehicles has increased in last two decades which leads to soaring number of automobiles on roads. Secondly, many big cities were not built with proper planning and also there are narrower roads and streets which create difficulty for people to commute. For instance, the old area of the capital city of Delhi is usually congested the whole day due to the absence of traffic lights and proper sign boards.

    Certain measures which can be taken to deal with this situation are firstly, the government should increase the quality and frequency of public transport as it will attract more passengers and people should be encouraged to use car pool to work as much as they can during peak hours so that it decreases the no of vehicles on roads. For instance, the Delhi metro maintain continuous qualitative service and covers all major routes of the city, as a result many daily passengers like to commute through metro in the capital city. In addition, wide roads and bridges should be constructed through which traffic can move smoothly during peak hours. Furthermore, separate lanes should be constructed especially for bicycle and people should be encouraged to ride bicycles. For example, the government of Delhi have set up a goal to widened all the roads of the city and create separate lanes for bicycle by 2025.

    In conclusion, it is obvious that people prefer personal vehicles due to the inappropriate traffic management and poor public transportation which leads to huge traffic congestions, but possible solutions could be implemented to reduce congestions on roads .

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