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  • Ashley

    April 26, 2022 at 3:35 PM

    It is found obligatory that unpaid community service should be the mandatory in the high school curriculam .I personally believe that this helps the students to be responsible citizens in future to serve the poor and needy in every aspects of the society.

    To commence with this will help the students to look what is happening everywhere in our society and will bring benefit to them especially at their young age about what to do, how to do when they ask to do a particular task and this will help them in their higher studies for social project in which work you have done accordingly to that.For Example I personally volunteered for 2 months in an non- goverment organization in Navi Mumbai teaching special students as per their needs and requirements and this was the part of my individual project.

    However this will develop a good friendly environment with each other and helps to manage the study time effectively by reducing stress.This will create a positive mind image in future while interacting with special children or any other people in our society.Many colleges and companies have started various initiative by organising events like marathons,quiz competitions etc.For example TATA group have organised various marathon events in many parts of the world to bring people together.

    So this will bring benefits for that particular society to help in future purposes.

    To conclude that doing community service in their school life should not be ignored.This not only help in maintaining their personal life but also professional life also.

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