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  • Falak

    April 28, 2022 at 8:46 AM

    Education (has) become essential for students where they learned (learn) about the history, –

    should be in curriculam (curriculum)

    many things which is (are) not included in the course.

    Now a days (nowadays), They become bookish(studious, learned etc. ) bookish people is not the right word.

    Which will be help to them in exposure (to explore) of their personality and career.

    Everyone have (has)the responsibility – everyone is singular in usage

    if person learn(learns) from the early age, It (he) will become

    one of the peaceful country (countries) in the world

    they should be (“be not required) include some extra activity (activities)

    in the course which teach human ethics to the children.

    Feedback : Many grammatical errors found in every paragraph. Sentences are struggling to justify the grammatical range and accuracy. Understanding of basic tenses is required.

    No band score as the student needs to work on all possible parameters.

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