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  • Bhargav

    April 28, 2022 at 11:19 AM

    The above graph illustrates the overview of uk’s expenditure in million pounds on package food items like Hamburg , fish&chips and pizza by various income groups

    Overall, High consumption of Hamburgers is observed at 47% , the high and average income people like eating hamburger most. While the lower income people prefer to consume fish & pizza.

    As may be seen from the bar graph, rich people spend the highest money on hamburger, approximately 47 million pounds and they pay around between 17 and 19 million Pounds for fish & chips and pizza respectively , on the other hand. Average income people spend the maximum amount of cash for fish & chips in comparative to other two groups with 25 million pounds, and just over 10 million Pounds on Pizza and moreover spent mammoth amount on hamburgers at 35 million pounds which tops their list.

    Low-income class people spent a considerably fewer amount on fast food and their most preferred item was fish & chips for which they spent around 17 million Pounds. Their spending on hamburgers was less than 15 million while they spent the least amount on pizza, which amounted to nearly 7 million Pounds.

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