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  • Swati

    April 28, 2022 at 9:05 PM

    The chart represents the ground on which often individuals choose whether to travel to work by a car or bicycle.

    The first chart illustrates various reasons for cycling to work. Mostly, people prefer cycling because it directly helps them to maintain a healthy physical health, with 30% of the individuals citing this as the most important reason. Next, 30% think cycling cuts down the emission of polluting gases. Furthermore, 15% look at this as a way of saving huge amount of time by not having to worry about parking also 13% pointed out that cycling is cost effective. 12% mentioned they don’t get stuck in traffic and reaches their destination faster.

    The second chart talks about the basis on which people decide to use a car to work. We can see that 40% think of driving as a comfortable mode to travel whereas, earlier we saw that 30% chose cycling to stay fit. Also, the distance to reach work can be covered faster than a bicycle which is believed by 21% population. Comparing to the previous chart where 12% believe that a bicycle takes us to places faster, 14% think otherwise in this chart. A car can carry numerous essential things to work which is consented by 14% population in addition to that 11% find car safer than cycling.

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