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  • Falak

    May 5, 2022 at 8:46 AM

    each civilization have (has) to follow

    each civilization have to follow the defined regulation (,) so the authority have a big platform to make change in the country.

    on the planet has (is) accountable to secure the nature

    Only ministry could not (be) able to do

    so individually ( everyone) should be (“be” is not required) take first move towards to avoid damage

    she become (has become) very famous in the world.

    example in B.P 2 could be more elaborated, establishing the fact lady has inspired many and leads to cleanest city fact.

    To conclude, global warming is the biggest issue (the issue raised in question is not just on global warming, but protection of environment which is a wider concept).

    Feedback : Undoubtedly , there is great improvement from previous attempts. Be careful with the errors mentioned above.

    Band: 3/6

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