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  • Kapil

    May 5, 2022 at 10:27 AM

    Some people argue that higher education is the best way to get employment, while others say that schooling is enough to drive on profession. I reckon, specialization is required for better exposure. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss both views with an example.

    On the one hand, nowadays students have huge scope to get specialist in any field, and it becomes very easy than earlier due to the number of universities started since a decade. Firstly, Person has to do practical work during the job which they can get from the college study, because the curriculum is well organized as per the requirement by the industries. Secondly, they make a network during the study which will be helpful for employment. Lastly, they can begin the vocation through the job placement which is arranged by the institute. i.e., I studied master of business administrator from where I got profound knowledge of the finance, and I was selected during the campus interview which established me on a good position.

    On the other hand, pupils can able to learn basic expertise during the schooling education, and because of the multiple reasons many have to start their career at the early age. A plethora of undergraduate could not afford the tuition fees so they have to begin employment to support their family, but lots of polytechnic provide the facility of the distance learning in which student can earn the degree with the participation through online or sometime through attend the evening batches. Teachers teach them through the virtual classes and They have to submit all the assignments and taken examination for the degree. For example, one of my friends don’t have enough time and capability to obtain the higher education so he attended the course through e-learning for the master degree, and he gained certificate which was helping him for promoted to higher position at his workplace.

    To conclude, specialization has become necessary for individual to achieve the outstanding profession which can be earned from the universities and online courses.

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