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  • Banumathy

    May 5, 2022 at 6:34 PM

    In most of the countries, obesity among youngsters has become a matter of concern. Though, people think that the ruling party should take necessary steps to solve this health issue according to me parents also play an important role in reducing this problem.

    Introduction of physical activities like Yoga, Aerobics, Swimming and few out door games such as Football, Basketball, Volley ball etc. should be made compulsory for school children to keep them active inside the campus. Marketing of Junk foods through advertisements can be reduced so that children can adapt themselves to healthy eating habits. Teaching the importance of eating fresh and healthy food everyday should be made mandatory inside the school. Fixing more taxes on junk foods will help to reduce the consumption. These are some of the simple steps which can be implemented by the Government to keep this issue in check.

    However, we can understand that the authorities have certain limitations in removing such health issues from our society. Parents or guardians should encourage the kids to eat food which are freshly prepared at home. They should avoid buying unhealthy food from hotels or nearby restaurants. Importance of homemade food should be taught to them from their childhood. Children can be allowed to go out and play everyday in the evening at least for one hour to keep them active and disease free.

    To conclude, state has got its own responsibility to lower the increase of life style diseases. However, one should understand that the parents are also equally responsible to curb this issue.

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