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  • Pranav

    May 9, 2022 at 7:05 PM


    Money management is a life skill and should be known to every individual. High school students are teenagers, who are intimidated to purchase expensive products. They do not realize value of such purchases will only depreciate in the future. Instead, they should learn to invest their earnings. This age group is naive and don’t realize the importance of managing money. They should be educated by their parents or teachers at school on money management.

    Only a handful of people succeed in life, the reason? Because ‘They know how to manage their money’. At some point in their life these ‘successful’ people were just ‘ordinary’ people, what made them different is the way they managed their finances. Money management is not just about saving money, but spending it wisely. ‘Warren Buffet’ a business tycoon suggests spending only 50% what you earn, investing 30% of it and saving 20%.

    Teenagers’ now-a-days want to live a lavish lifestyle, there is no harm in this, everyone dreams of this lifestyle. But they don’t realize the efforts and sacrifices needed to achieve this. It’s definitely not a ‘walk in the park’ but years of hard work and proper planning to live a lifestyle they admire. At an age where there no responsibilities, students are bound to make wrong decisions, proper guidance will stop them from doing so.

    It’s high time now the educational institutes should have training sessions where they can train students on important life skills. When these students complete their education they are just job-ready and not life-ready. Educating them on both will create a pathway for them to become successful. Life skill trainings will boost their confidence as they will know for sure that they have been trained on everything and there is nothing stopping them to succeed.

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